Looking Up

I can hear the gentle wind  through the windows as am typing this out, every now and again I hear a van or speeding car, someone late for work or the need for speed kind.  I know about speed,  my son said mom it seems sports cars will fit your driving skills….mmm right and they cost, (gasp) as much as they cost….I will be just fine with the one I have now thankyou son, will see mom will see.

Family is our first hang out, and sometimes we take them for granted, counting the negatives more than the positives.  I was reading a blog this morning about gratitude and I read a common thread in all the comments in the reply, everyone has something to be thankful for. You can read the blog here, it will just encourage and uplift you because it’s real comments real stories, not the heroes of marvel comic, but heroes in their world, by a shift in attitude.

Just created this post and you can to if you go to RECITE and no am not affiliated with them(yet), and you will first see a kick starter campaign just click on the black dot in the top right hand corner.  Thankyou Have an Inspired Less is More Day.



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