How to break those habits…


I find myself a student of  life, its twists and turns, and I study champions and victims.  Muhammad Ali said this of himself before he became a known champion.

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew was.  Muhammad Ali.

I use this quote for you just to make you think about something we all too easily forget.  You do not break anything that seems to be controlling your life WHEN you or I assume it will happen. We start to think as winning over something and start speaking as such.   For example if you find yourself unproductive not meeting deadlines, I challenge you to start saying I am productive I am consistent I am doing really well, my projects are on time. See the end goal and let that flow through your conversations with friends.  I double dare you if you will not at some point start behaving as you are thinking and speaking.  Even better is you start to feel good about yourself.  I should know, all those times I would speak what I was not doing right just got worse.  I am using Mr Ali’s quotes because he helps us see about being a champion in life. We may not all become global boxing champions, but we can be champions in our own ring, our circle, while everyone is complaining and getting MORE of what they complain about, and wondering why the cycle never seems to break, you can choose  I am a champion in my world,  I do not play victim around here.


What habit is keeping or holding you back. What is it that stops you from becoming the person you want to become? This was the turning point for me, I had to be deeply convinced of a better life for me, I would dream about it. It became so real when I took my first flight out of the place of misery and landed at the airport it was like I had seen this place before. Some call it déjà vu, I call it becoming what you see. At that point you could send the navy seal, fighter jets or some other enticing thing, but I was done, there was no going back. This is how I do everything I do now.  I see myself already in that kind of place, I dream about it and move towards it, whatever small steps I take I know they are taking me to the life of my dreams.

Here’s food for thought, think about what you are thinking about, and you will shock yourself. If someone else were to say them out loud to you, you would not be impressed. So then why would you give yourself permission for less than you deserve,  accepting, this is how it is and will always be, no one in my family in my age group or whatever box it is,  made it that far, so my future is sealed.

Homework for today, spend today checking out your thoughts and decide if you are the master or they are. From now on your best life is in your mouth created by the thoughts you dwell on.  Real humility is an honest assessment of your responsibility, you will be so busy you have no time to put others down, you are way too occupied creating your best life now.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL IN THE USA, and for the rest of us, around the globe, we can count our blessings and be a blessing, that is how we will make the world a better place, be a blessing to your neighbour the one close to you, next to you.cc_thanksgiving2_fb



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