Gift Ideas Help!!!

Stuck for ideas this christmas, not sure what to spend on? Looking for creative ideas, a new collection for friends and family at your finger tips? Gifts that inspire all year round, practical and perfect just for you or a friend or family member? Here’s one of my best gift ideas practical for the entire household. Or simply the gift of giving.

I was looking at some of these for megifts thought to share with you as I love to share good tips and ideas. Found this apple peeler but a 3 in 1. (More gift ideas coming up under £50).It will peel core and slice, worth adding to my list. Or do you already have one, what do you like about it, please share your tips so others can make informed decisions and to save them time and money too in the process.  Thankyou in advance for that.


Want to know the options before you make your order online now with Amazon? Or do you already know the gadget and want to order it online now? You can make your order here
3in1 Aluminium Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter Machine

Still not convinced about buying this gift for the ones who love cooking, preparing dinners for guests, the vegetarian who prefer a mouth watering presentation of foods? Here is a second video that will go through the steps from assembly to slicing your apples like a pro.

Still not convinced this is an awesome gift idea, one reviewer couldnt get enough of this functional gadget, but read these reviews out for yourself here. Please share your tips if you already have one, so other readers can make an informed decision. We are a helpful resourceful community., check in often to save time this holiday season.


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