The Making of Great Men and their Secrets

Have you ever wondered what a real role model is when those we had faith in seem to have let us down. If we dont ‘t have any its correct then to assume anyone can be a role model right. What can we learn from other great leaders, what can we teach our children with shifting cultures where they are free to chose who their role model is. Should a parent who didnt get it right totally avoid the coming future not use it as an opportunity to make things right?

One man said it’s not what we leave TO our children that really counts, but what we leave IN THEM. TDJakes.

That struck me as profound being a parent myself, I know it is not so much what I can leave with them which can burn overnight, but what I live in them. How they handle the challenges of life, how they navigate their own inconsistencies on the  way to who they are becoming but dealing with what’s in front of them now.

Everyone has things they do with excellence IF you recognize what you are really good at. However some days you will not be your excellent self, what then?  It’s tempting to cover up when we make mistakes to APPEAR excellent at all times.  That’s setting yourself up for the biggest fall. Let people know how human you are WHEN you make a mistake, and they will be quick to FORGIVE you,  because as I learnt when I did specialist nursing in the intensive care department, it’s what you do consistently that counts. One blip cannot take you out of the race, most struggle to confront the one thing that will become a stepping stone to a greater future, the humility that enlarges your future.

Big heart Big Life, Small heart, small life.. This holiday season purpose to have a larger than life mindset, quick to forgive, not going to bed wondering why on earth she or he said this said that, and planning your revenge the following day or when you next see them.



I am not easily offended, I will not go to bed angry, I am free to choose my thoughts and anger will not rule my life.

My Future is great incredible awesome so today I choose to live at peace happy with what I have on the way to the person am becoming.

My life is in God‘s hands. I am part of a Divine Plan, I will choose to be at peace with others, they have their own struggles and so wherever possible, I will be a part of making their life simpler easier and interesting.  I will seek to understand others more than the need to be understood as Stephen Covey says it in the 7 habits of highly successful people.

Here’s to an awesome life!

This  holiday a great holiday gift is a must read for the men in our world(and the people they love) for those of us who love biographies to glean some life lessons 7  men and the secret to their greatness. Powerfully written work by author Peter Metaxas
Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness


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