What does love look like?

When a great statesman dies, it seems the world stands still. His accomplishments and the team he worked with accomplished what seemed impossible. He said in his own words ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela. But my eyes turn towards his private life. I started searching some images and this one struck me, he is having a laugh about something with his wife, Graca Machel. All I could think of is this is what love looks like. They were a close couple, sharing jokes publicly.
That closeness is precious, a great lesson for all couples regardless of past differences, true love can overcome many challenges.


Image; google search

What does love look like in other languages? In other cultures, it may be expressed differently, but it looks the same in any culture, you can tell where love and peace exist, and you want to be a part of it.

Just for fun, I collected different ways to say I love you in some of the most popular languages. This holiday season, show your ‘je ne sais quois’ side, tell your loved ones in another language, an interesting date idea.

So then how do you say I love you in;
Italian; ti amo
Japanese; watashi wa anata o aishite imasu
Hebrew; Ani Ohev Otach (man to woman)
Ani Ohevet Otcha (woman to man)
Spanish; te amo
French; je t’aime

When time allows I want to post about the different love languages. Interesting topic, how to discover what your love language is.


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