Who protects your dream?


Do you have a clear idea of where you want your business to be in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years? Lack of specific goals makes any small business fold before it’s had the chance. Your dream of where you want it to be is unique to you. If you want a pop out business here today gone tomorrow is your decison, if you want evergreen oak tree type of business, that’s your decision. It all seems obvious, but here is the bottom line, what works for one will not work for you. Imitating what worked for someone else can be a recipe for disaster. Smart is when you get creative about YOUR dream, how it unfolds, by the type of service or products you choose to provide. For me great advice highlights what I already have, removing tunnel vision, getting me off a hamster wheel mindset. I was watching a documentary on penguins, how they protect their unhatched eggs. The penguin was fighting off many other penguins trying to get to the egg to eat it! It seems ridiculous, but the attacking penguins were merciless, they just wanted to eat the hidden egg. The scarcity mindset advice is like those vicious penguins, making you think you are not smart enough to succeed, making you feel you’re out of options, but if you buy into this idea, you will succeed. The penguin takes full responsibility for that egg, and fights off every other penguin in every direction, without moving from its spot, right on top of the unhatched egg.
If you do not protect your dream, your egg, no one else will. Be selective about the advice you listen to. Some advice is simply bad advice and you suffer in the process, your dream gets hatched prematurely. In a few years your business your message your idea folds up.

Trust your inner compass, it’s divine to protect you from misleading advice. Those of the christian faith understand as the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  What looks like a good deal may not be all that it seems, however disguised, sleep on it.  You don’t need to be a billionaire to value your finances,  your resources and your time.
You can spend lots of energy building a huge following online, but the quality is poor, no conversions.  Or you can focus on quality, your niche, your target audience. Your time is spent nurturing those relationships, getting connected, hanging out where they do, learning what their problems and frustrations are.
Here is a thought-provoking question, does popular equal long-term success?
A popular question these days is would you like to grow your followers fast? My question is why? What happened to starting small, learning from your mistakes, and mastering your skill? Over a year ago, I deleted my first twitter account and yes it was only about 3,000 followers, but I could see what it would take to maintain that kind of growth. My new twitter account is under 50 followers, but I am happy that way, building slowly in the last 3 months.
I have a problem with growing followers too fast. You now have the pressure to keep those followers engaged, leading to stress and sleepless nights. I would not wish that 0n anyone.
The clients that matter build long-term relationships, with people who are dependable and trustworthy. Anything, any idea or anyone that demands too much of your time is not worth holding onto.  Who wants to build something that sucks the life out of you in the process?
Finally protect your dream, be selective about who is a part of your ‘inner circle’, those whose advice matters to you. This means getting guidance but trusting and following your own inner voice. Your dream is precious to you guard it , not every voice is allowed to have an input, even if it’s offered free.

Image; Creative Commons


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