Why you need some play time


Image; horsemafia

If you don’t factor in some  play time you will find yourself turning up your nose at those who do. I remember watching the Simpsons an episode that made a new employee of mr burns so upset that Homer seemed to play too much.  Of course Homer for me is an extreme example, but the message for me, was if you don’t play you will get a false idea that the world is only on your two shoulders.

That is a heavy burden to carry for anyone. You and I must factor in some play time playing some sport, some word games any game that you find stimulates your thinking that stretches your imagination, will keep your brain cells active and memory sharper.

Playing also shift your attention for what you cannot fix to living in the moment. Sometimes you just have to let things settle a bit play a little so you can do what needs to be done with a fresh perspective.




Image; via pinterest.



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