3 ways to becoming Unstoppable in 2014

Yesterday I was chatting to a new shop owner in my area and realised he is a down to earth millionaire, oh yes I counted real fast! 
The first thing that struck me about him is how he just loves people, his smile is radiant, his humility strikes you, even holding doors for customers, I know he’s been doing this for years clearly. As soon as he recovered from an operation he had  he went on to tell me, he took on a new project not sitting at home & taking on early retirement. This new shop has a free ATM machine!!! the other two charge £1.85 to get your own money, for goodness sake!


Habits stick and you want habits that will dramatically change your life. Its truth that if you practice excuses long enough that is who you become, it becomes second nature to look for an exit route at any chance.
Interestingly as Dan Kennedy mentions in this article, many give excuses, postponing but still want to be paid & be happy. Its hard to be happy if you’re not honest with yourself.  This shop owners suppliers are sometimes late never answer calls, he mentioned calling one rep six times who never picks up the phone and said what job does this man do? I replied so many people will take his job at the drop of a hat! I love this article because it cuts right to it. 

3 Ways to becoming unstoppable by Dan Kennedy, for your christmas reading via Entrepreneur.com



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