What does Christmas mean for you?

What an incredible day today has been, simply because all my kids came home for christmas, I miss them loads when they go off to live their own lives, they are still quite young, well young adults, but I trust God for their lives and pray for them often. Transition is not easy, but I think am adjusting quite well.

In between meals movies and catching up I posted this on Google plus and has been one of the most popular posts on there for me so far. The image posted got over 73800 views wow!!  Not sure how that’s measured, still looking into it, it has over 770 likes in one day, grateful from my heart that it’s a post that’s relatable.  Interestingly I had no strategy just thoughts on christmas and what it means for me, as I have grown lived life and lessons learnt, many hearts were touched by it I hope it will encourage and inspire you too, here it is word for word.


Christmas thoughts…..

What I love the most about Christmas is it reminds me that I don’t need to look anywhere out there to be ‘saved’ by another person relationally, or by money through working too hard to get rich, losing quality of life in the process, I don’t need to be the sharpest pin in the room to prove my knowledge, and I don’t need to morph into someone am not to fit in, because though many are still looking for a savior in all these things, we have the evidence Jesus the savior already came lived died and rose again, and is the soon to return king.
None of the above can save anyone from the turmoil of a soul that’s entangled in ‘stuff’ but Jesus can, and the best life flows out of and through Him, because it’s centred on pure unconditional love.
There is no feeling in the world knowing you are loved just as you are becoming your best you…wow!!

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