Make or Break, the New Year.

The power of choice:
As the new year comes closer, I was thinking about the power of choice. Free will God given. Have you ever been around someone who cannot make up their mind?Turn left or right, red or black, green or yellow? here or there, now or later? Which  is the best choice? Is it time to leave or wait, is it time for yes or no?  Which one?
I believe a double mind is a divided heart. Never quite here nor there, sitting on the fence, one day, maybe and not right now. Procrastination is simply a habit, easy to break. Keyword ‘easy’ Start with small choices, if you’re hungry go eat don’t postpone, want to voice your opinion just do it, want to call someone just do it. Want to plan your day, break it up and plan it. The more you do this the more confident you become of taking on scarier choices.
Make one choice and let the chips fall where they may. If you create a vision for where you want to be in December 2014, you can then work your way backwards.  What small steps can you take daily that will get you closer to your goals?  Remember finally you are not in competition with anyone, except you.
Here’s to a an incredible new year, 2014



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