Steps of Faith…

We started by faith, we will transition by faith and finish by faith, but my eyes must be on my perfect Redeemer, my High Priest.

Every believer in Christ,  is either doing life under the law or under grace. Under the law, life is way harder than needs to be trying to  become who we already are, righteous in Christ. The snake tricked eve to be what she already was, like God.
Watch this today you may be preoccupied with trying to be accepted by God, working too hard, serving too hard, wearing a christian label…..however if you are in Christ, YOU are the apple of His eye coz you honor HIS SON Jesus and what He sent Him to do, He delights in you it’s incredibly amazing, and so your faith has led you into the gift of righteousness.
Righteousness then in Christ, is a free gift, offered in the finished work on Calvary, every debt and claim against your life SETTLED…wow!!! We receive God’s love daily and continue to be renewed so we fully understand who we are in Christ. Do you struggle to become a ‘better christian’ as some would ask?  That’s living under the law, only produces more works to prove you are saved. But receiving the truth & grace of God that came in Christ Jesus and a deliberate abiding living in His presence and His word, leads to fruit, because the heart is being transformed into good ground. Grace leads us into the rest of God, a mind at rest whatever the circumstances, trusting God.
So then the FRUIT of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self control  Galatians  5:22
I choose to always by God’s grace: Put on the new man created according to God in true righteousness and holiness.  Eph 4:24

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