Happy New Year

Wow where does the time go, we are in the New Year 2014!! How are you and how did you start your new year?

I have just come out of a live online YouTube Google Hangout On Air, it was an incredible small business show with some influential experts great at what they do and sharing their tips on their success. Best of all generously sharing their ideas on how to move forward for small business, bloggers, creatives, artists, writers, marketers and more.


Three words standing out for me even now fresh from the event:

authenticity, simplicity and collaboration.

This is the year we work as teams to bring creative solutions to our challenges, delegating stuff you’re not good at to others who can do it better than you.

Am certain many reading this are already doing that, but we can still reach others who need support in their blogging tips and adventures, small business owners who want to grow and expand their business. If you have not yet discovered Google plus, come on board and discover another way to engage your audience, another way to bring your personal brand out in the open in  all the clutter, the crowded online world.


I will therefore repurpose all my blogs to better serve my readers, and will be seeking out authentic blogs that help out others in your own voice.

My focus will be in these areas Lifestyle Inspiration and Business, how to build a business and a lifestyle that you can love and inspire others to do the same.


Here’s to an incredible year of building lives empowering others and loving your lifestyle, the authentic and simple way.  Born to do this. Blessings to you and your loves ones Meg


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