You are never too young, never too old. Part 1

Am excited about this year for many reasons…Its a year of FAITH..AND…ACTION.. Somewhere there’s a knowledge gap, faith of what is possible, the knowledge, is not enough, action must follow. I now know creativity comes from letting go of any attachment to what is/was, to the life that is possible. If you hang around people who are comfortable where they are, it might be too late to change your future,  because birds of a feather stick together, keyword ‘stick’.   We all need people who inspire us to action without the slimy greed…aaarrrggghhhhh! Two kinds of people make me uncomfortable these days, those who hide their talents out of fear and those with the love of money, both the Bible calls wicked, both are extremes.

Systems crumble due to greed, a fast life, panic and so forth, and the world suffers because those with the gifts and talents to make a difference are too afraid of what people will say if they try and fail, we were created we were borntodothis, life.  Today I discovered about a young man who did not allow a set back to stop him, at a tender age inspite of his visible challenges he looked up and just did it.

Here is a case in point:
At a tender age of seven a young man had a business card titled 21st Century CEO. His single mom was ill and he decided to figure out how to pay the bills. He  started picking up and painting stones and sold them off. At 14 he became a millionaire, he’s now only 29, loving God and loving people with his wealth, he wasn’t even listening to success  messages, it would seem, he just went out and did it!
He states ‘Comfort is the enemy of achievement’.
Some of you may have already heard about him, his name is Dr Farrah Gray. I love real stories, real people that not only inspire us but challenge us to action.


Image google search:

Some of us may be comfortable where we are, so this is not for that kind of readers. This story this blog is reinventing this year for people who are tired of feeling stuck not sure what to do next, people who have lost faith that things will change, this blog is fast becoming a blog about change that sticks change that lasts. This blog will be about connecting with real people real stories, from the heart.  Leadership that matters that counts is from the heart, brings out your untapped potential, your hidden treasure. Don’t get so angry at life that you miss out on your best life, forgive and let go, your best life awaits you when you are ready to embrace it. Love this quote, it reminds me not every comment, every opinion deserves your attention.


Looking forward to a year of adventure, real life skills, being equipped and empowered to become the change you want to see in the world.

Does the general consensus of who you are stop you from stepping out, or taking your business to the next level? Did you fail and attach yourself to that event?  Most of us have gone through an educational system that messed up the minds of many, left feeling ‘other’ people are better than me, more skill than me. Well it’s time to debunk that stinking myth. How can anyone be better than you, you are a designer original, unless we are saying others have a ‘better version’ of someone else which then makes them ‘unoriginal’ right?

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4 thoughts on “You are never too young, never too old. Part 1

  1. blessedart1111 says:

    Wow Meg! What an insightful and motivational article…just what I needed to hear to get me in a place to focus. Thank you for allowing God to use you as an instrument to get the message through ;=)



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