Never too Young or Too Old, Part II

Recently I posted about a young man who developed the mindset of a successful businessman at 6 years old! Yes shocking, check it out on Part 1.

This young man continued to become a millionaire at 14 years old.  In an interview he said one thing about success is to not fear rejection, that was part I. For Part II  I take you to a story released last year 2013 of  a woman who sailed around the world solo at the age of 70, yes I checked the story out, she sailed in her yacht solo. The journey took her over 8 months,  set off from Vancouver Canada and returned successful on her voyage.

The lady is Jeanne Socrates.  The story however gets more interesting as you learn that this was her THIRD attempt. Talk about not quitting!





Image: Google Search

You may not want to be as good as Micheal Jordan but this quote just fits right into the above story. The lady who sailed around the world at 70 years failed twice before, once due to engine trouble, another due to damage to her yacht.   She learnt to sail in her 50’s, with her late husband, so she was also a widow. She chronicled her entire journey on her blog, you can find here

How do you create new goals whatever age?

1. Find out why you are here, what are you born to do? Without answering this question, you jump from one thing to the next, purpose gives you passion, you don’t need to be paid. Interestingly as you follow your purpose, the success package will come naturally. How can you make a difference?


2. What comes naturally to you? Start developing these gifts and talents and see how wide opportunities start to present themselves to you.  Nothing like doing a job you hate. Everyone else around you suffers from your discontent and when you think about it your loved ones deserve far better.


3. Let go of the pain of past decisions, it’s gone, forever, so you cannot live in the forever zone, afraid and paralyzed to make decisions that prepare you for your best life, adventurous life.


4. Move at your pace and stick to it. Tell those you trust your action plan and your commitment to stick with it for the next 6 months. According to Harvard Medical Review, habits that you keep up  for 6 months, will stick.  If you want to fit into that size dress, create a healthy exercise plan that works for you a healthy balanced diet for 3-6 months, this is now your new lifestyle.  Want great relationships, let go of the unhealthy ones spend time alone and rediscover you for you and what YOU want out of life.

5. Decide on an income that fits the lifestyle you want and prepare for earning that income, this is where the rubber hits the road, lack of follow through. In the story above the 70 year old lady encountered some set backs over 4 years, yes it is not easy, you go through pain and want to quit or distractions that take over your focus.  She refused to give up on her dream, you see time is not biased it will come and go whether you follow the dream or not, where would you rather be in 3 years 5 years 10 years?

Please comment and share your aspirations, sharing them puts wings to them, but action seals the deal.

Blessings and have a great week.



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