Praying for our Children

Prayer works because I’ve seen it in my family.  We faced some challenges as every family does and one day I realised I had forgotten to pray for the kids consistently, just here and there.  Life had become too busy, priorities were out-of-order, prayer is a priority because it’s faith in Abba Father to help us in things we have no idea about, because He is able to do more than we can think ask or imagine. This applies for business, studies, your career, your relationships and every other area of life.  There need be no fear about anything pray about everything and if you still feel afraid, do the right thing anyway.  Coming back to the story about praying for my kids, I remembered as this blog talks about, I was born for this, I am the best mom for these kids, something is out-of-order, must bring order into this home again.  I remembered this was my practice,  I already used to do this, but what happened, when did I get so busy, my home was like a war zone, you say this I say that!,  kind of thing, no peace at all.

Coming from church one day a scripture from Isaiah came into my heart

For the work of righteousness is peace Isa 32:17,

This scripture guides me so many times when I sense busyness with ‘stuff’ Peace is so relevant so necessary I would rather have peace and the relationship than win an argument. Creativity flows in a place of peace. I would like to write more on this later, but here is a bookmark as a reminder on praying for your kids, you can add more as you feel in your heart.


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