Blogging…5 small ways to boost traffic, starting now.

What could a target email list do for your blogging efforts? Here’s how a good friend, increased his email subscription list and you can too starting today! A great example of online business that works, he always has some helpful tips to keep you developing your communication skills.

He also goes on to add an opt in form to your most read blog posts if you are not yet doing that.  Why? I will show that in a minute. I am scouring through some of my own posts in the next few days to do just that.

But before I go there do you wonder which ones are the best posts, short or long, or in between? I used to read about writing short blog posts that are interesting helpful and to the point. However this writer always writes lengthy blog posts, and you really want to read all the way to the end because of the case studies he does, you don’t want to miss anything.  Here is an example of the length of his blog posts Go Here WordPress SEO the only guide you need.

So if you are wondering the best method to use, think critical….What are the pros and cons of short blog posts and for longer blog posts.  Short blog posts are ideal depending on the subject, someone who wants a quick answer, however longer blog posts are just as great for your regular subscribers, especially if you have already done your homework.

Now that you’ve read all the above here is the best part of this blog post, saved the best till last for you.

These little 5 methods will jump-start your subscription list, your comments will be greatly appreciated on which ones are working for you and which not so much. This good friend is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and How He Increased His Email Subscribers, in record time.
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