Happiness Gatekeepers

I know many posts and articles out there talk about how to be happy, and some are quite good. But some, make me wonder.
Why happiness? We all want to be happy.
Someone asked how to be happy with all the challenges going on, for which I totally understood.   However until a deliberate choice is made a firm commitment, I am going to be happy regardless by removing things and friendships that make me miserable why keep them?, being unhappy stays like an unwelcome visitor.
This is the thing about human nature, am reminded of the story of the Israelites who were suffering some cruel hardship but we read in the bible that it took them over 200 years and counting before they cried out to God for help!!
They eventually get out of the hardship into their best life their own land but on the way they start complaining about the process the journey, passionately stating it was better where they were they had nice food back in Egypt.

Happiness is a state of being.  If you have a roof over your head and a job to go to, a couple of friends and family, you are in the happy percentage, that’s actually a lot of people who can share their happiness around the world.School under bridge in India


You are actually more happy than you realise by changing how you see your circumstances as mentioned above.   All you might want is some changes here and there for a different lifestyle. That is the key right there, how you feel about making that change, laying the wrong foundation to create a happy life.  A happy life makes something beautiful out of little things, look at this here:


The process of change or transformation from the inside out is a process no quick solutions. You might as well throw the timer out and start doing small things each day towards your ideal lifestyle.  These are the gatekeepers I had to crash, and build a life to love, a life filled with hope and fresh expectation.

So what are the gatekeepers to happiness?

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