Happiness Gatekeepers. 1.

Every now and again we need someone to come along and gently remind us, that  to be happy  is not as tough or as costly as it’s made out to be.  Happiness and Joy are FREE, they really cost us nothing.  Don’t apologise for your station in life on the way to where you are going, YOU are going places happening, believe it speak it and soon enough YOU ARE!  What does happiness mean to you?

 Key Thoughts: Negative Thinking cannot produce a Happy life, for as a man/woman thinks, so He is. Happy people find a way to focus on happy thoughts.

Many times we see in media and advertising that happy people have a certain body shape, a certain height, certain facial features, so much in their bank account, they live in this neighbourhood, they drive this or that kind of car, they have this or that kind of business, or only a certain background.

I call other people’s opinions a happiness barrier, postponing happiness until this or that happens. You see in Christ every barrier will be and is broken because He starts to reveal what real happiness is. Many want this or that title, many are chasing great wealth to be happy, but every level has its own pressure, but in Christ we find great encouragement that on the journey of becoming your best you, you can be happy that you are loved and accepted unconditionally, the pressure is OFF.  True happiness is free God gives it in Christ for no cost, His SON settled the barrier between man and God to give us the good life, an experience that cannot be bought.


Image: Dreamstime.
Image: Dreamstime.

Remember every station in life has its own level of pressure and sometimes we are not ready to handle the pressure that comes with it.   Being happy now where you are with what you have who you are and celebrating life now will take you places, because you will decide you have nothing to prove but to only add value to others by evolving into your best you.  When you are happy now you will have more reasons to be happy in your coming days, joy and happiness is always multiplied when shared, happy people always share their joy, it is too good to keep to yourself.

Just writing this post makes me feel so happy  🙂 Have a great weekend.


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