Happy St. Patrick’s Day

For all my Irish readers and connections, happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. For the rest of us who want to know a bit of the history of this day or if you are wondering what is this day about, here is a link to the BBC that is helpful to get a little more information St. Patrick’s Day BBC News.

On that note I recently set up a website/blog about cooking and more about practical kitchenware that saves you time and much more. I would love to grow it to a magazine, a central hub for all things cooking related, but we shall see. Did you know you can create superfoods with not a blender or juicer but an extractor? Found it on my virtual travels and you might just find it useful.  Introducing the NUTRIBULLET…or perhaps you already have it please share the benefits for our readers. Here’s some great benefits for having one in your kitchen.


No more cumbersome tiresome blending.

Includes a pocket nutritionist and cookbook so you can get onto your healthy diet straight away. Perfect Gift for mother’s day.

Breaks down ingredients to make a consistency you like the smoothie that has no seeds or particles left over.

Compact Sleek Fast Easy to Clean.

But you could check all this out for yourself byvisiting here divine kitchen ware.

Finally so you don’t miss out if you have read this far,  here’s a chance for you to win a £1000 gift card with Amazon by visiting here in your own time    Limited time until the 23.03.14  Have fun.


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