Why Easter again? The Second Adam A New Normal

To understand what the real Easter is about the true Easter is to go back in time. If we do not understand the background to Easter we just do the routine without understanding the impact and power of such a remarkable event in the history of mankind. It affects the entire human race. Some have decided to give it their own meaning it nonetheless does not remove the real meaning.
This is an open invitation to explore the real meaning of Easter.

Over 2000 years ago a simple carpenter proved to be other than the ordinary carpenter who creates some great tables and chairs. At one stage, He surprised everyone who knew his family his background and his educational background. He seemed to come from nowhere according to them. This man used to come to their meeting places of prayer and worship and once even asked some questions at a tender age of 12 to the experienced teachers of his time. He seemed to be fascinated with these teachers, even asking one of them one night, how can you be a teacher and not understand the new birth?(John 3:10) As if to say what have you been teaching people, what have you been telling them, what is the source of your knowledge?

You see Easter is not some ordinary event Easter is the most remarkable event of your life, and not the kind that leaves you empty It leaves an impression on your life in your heart transforming you from the inside out…Its the greatest party for all mankind, because the one man who kept showing with signs and wonder He is different from everyone else not only died but He rose from the dead!!! Oh my what!!!! And He proved this by showing up on many occasions. This one man was the actual son of God. Huge difference between teaching about someone and being the actual child of the person others teach about. We get that right? Who would speak more accurately of another, follower or a child who has a great relationship with the parent everyone sees as a teacher?
You see 2000 years ago Jesus Christ died having lived a great life doing good healing the sick making the blind see and setting those who were trapped in circumstances free, rebuilding their lives and making a radical difference than any who had lived before Him and would ever come after Him.
Jesus is the second Adam. Jesus is the second Adam who frees us from all the problems we inherited from the first Adam. Many will argue but the second Adam is more than a teacher, He brings radical transformation to your life from the inside out, He gives you His beautiful nature becoming a child of God too just like He is and was, the firstborn son, how generous is that!!! He teaches you by the Holy Spirit to have the same kind of relationship He experienced and enjoyed while He lived as a mere man, setting an example of a new normal.
The first Adam gave us a ‘normal’ that is hard that makes us all look for love solutions and identity in many things many places. Finally at some point we admit we need help and turn to this second Adam Jesus Christ. The Good News is He does not bring religion and such stuff but a great relationship with Him who is Love Personified God the Father.

Yes He has been misrepresented many times but it does not change who He is LOVE PERSONIFIED. I don’t know any living being who does not need to be loved and accepted unconditionally. He will never turn any who come to Him. He is so good its not easy to understand except to come to Him, then you get to understand as you start to do life with Him. So you have to be born again let go of the old and embrace the new. It is really simple.
So this Easter take time to consider the claims of this second Adam as you study the book of John in the Bible. In the next few posts I will help to draw a comparison between the two. The next posts will be bite-sized of course, have a great week.
For more reading on having a new normal changing your life by how you think, here is a link to a well respected communication pathologist, cognitive neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf, in Switch on Your Brain


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