Why Freelance? and who’s hiring now.

This blog keeps evolving to keep up to date with what my readers need. The other day we sat down as a couple of friends to discuss career options. One of us in the team was tired of working the hours she does.
However it is not easy to make the change, it seems it’s better to stick with what you know. I remembered when I had to switch hours, not an easy thing, but looking back it was the best thing ever.
I love to read about those who changed their careers, the highs and lows, the sudden realisation, I can step out of my comfort zone and do something totally different.

How do you make the change, gradual or suddenly?
1. Be clear about your current skillset, what you can do with your eyes shut, become brutally honest with yourself.
2. Map out where you want to go, not how but pinpoint where you want to be say in 3 years 5 years or 10 years.
3. Assess your losses should you make the change.
4. Forget about it completely I mean totally and carry on with the usual.

Coming in next post. Recession proof industries, going back to College or University, brushing up your skills.


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