Are you losing time and money on social media?

Are you scrambling around trying to make this social media thing work or stay up to date? Are you throwing money down a bottomless pit? Perhaps you’ve thrown your hands up in the air and thought forget that and walked away. Maybe you’re just starting out and want to figure this animal out sizing it up and trying to find your angle so you can win.


(Image: Zee Que)

You’re in good company. I bring you value as often as I can, as social media changes and one has to stay on top of it to still be productive. Choose the platform you want to focus on 2-4 so you can have a wider reach. By the way twitter has scrapped the 140 character limit in the direct messages to encourage more communication.

To get you started I brought you this invaluable information from the founder of Quick Sprout. No more guessing let’s get you focused. That is if you’re serious about social media. Let’s go.



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