Quick Question. My writing needs your help.



Thank you for reading my blogs in the last few years and right now.  To do a better job, I want to ask you a personal question. I want to be able to write only what you really need help with, no time wasting, life is busy as it is right?

Please help me out. These are some of the areas I would like to create an online program with you in mind. Of course am best suited to launching in business especially social media,  switching careers, confidence building, health related like diabetes, heart problems, stomach problems and after surgery care. My business background online is ongoing, and 18 years in health care as a registered specialist nurse.  Please tell me which of these resonates with you. Pick out one of these.

1.Launching a business online, not sure where to start.

2. Looking for the best health related site.

3. Time management, am overwhelmed, how do I manage my time effectively.

For each of these I have a free gift for you to help you get started.

I’m currently working on a project online http://www.beulahstores.com,  help small business owners with their marketing and working on a thriller at the moment.  So will you help me out with my writing? How to write only what you need. Over to you.






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