Digital Marketing for your business. 5 ways to start today.



Are you feeling overwhelmed suffering from analysis paralysis, not sure where to start? Have you tried and found it hard to get your business online up and running? No matter where you are, there are some easy and cheap ways to get your business going.

  1. Instagram is one of my favourites to grow a new small business. The secret is in the Hash Tags that you use.  Instagram has opened up to more small business owners to advertise their goods and services. Knowing what to do, that’s where I can help you by looking at your marketing strategy. If no one who needs to see your business cannot see you or find you, then they will not find you.  On one of my websites, you can see how to set up a website that is not complicated by meets your requirements.

2. Mobile marketing  will attract lots of visitors to your site. Designing a mobile friendly website will reap huge rewards for you in the long run.  Most people check their messages several times in the day. That is where you come in without being a used car salesman. There is a way to do that, and create authentic relationships with your potential customers or clients.



3. Newsletters help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Finally you want to build a sensible website that does not leave your customers feeling confused. Sometimes a website does not make it easy for customers to decide.

4. Twitter: Tweet value to your ideal customers. Twitter is such a great tool for this. I work with you to understand your ideal customer. What is the real pain in this client’s mind and why should they work with you?  Your ideal customer wants a long term relationship. Note your ideal customer the one who can recognize value when they see it. They haven’t got time to hunt everywhere but will work with someone they like and trust long term. Until you or they decide it’s time for a change and that is also perfectly okay.

5.  Web Design. Complicated? Make it easy for potential customers to find you and work with you. You are looking for them, and they are looking for you. Can they find you? Yes they are you already have in mind what they are searching for. Everything about your website must say, am here to help you. There are many others who can and am one of those, but am different because……That is your unique selling point.

What are your thoughts on digital marketing? How do you get more customers online?


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