Why you should start your own business now, and 3 smarts ways to Launch.


3 ways to a Smart Biz Launch.

How to solve problems is an art.  Doing business is about solving a myriad of problems providing solutions to a diverse group of clients or customers. So then that means being a little creative than your competitors.  These competitors are like catfish, they keep you sharp alert and force you to up your game or get out within 3 years.

You have to be creative with the way you solve problems.  Sometimes you need an outsider a business coach mentor or trainer, someone who will view your business with an eagle eye, look at the whole picture. Someone who is not too close to the action to help you see where you can save money and cut costs, or where you’re leaving money on the table.

For example, did you know hand written mail has a higher open rate than standard mail? Doing what everyone else does is having the same results. To set yourself apart then is to do something a little different.

Here are 3 ways to launch your business the smart way. Before you jump in head first, try just getting your feet wet. Baby steps. Start part time. Unless you’ve done your due diligence and ready to go.

Just like when you first start college or university many advisers will tell you what you need to do.  Shop around before you commit any funds or time resource. Even free advice can be pretty misleading keeping you going around the same mountain. You need as we would call in the healthcare industry…a second even third or fourth opinion.

1. Set yourself apart by deciding how you will NOT treat people. People are your business and if you look down on them it’s only a matter of time before you notice your business is growing stagnant, it’s not growing past a certain level.

It first starts with you. If you don’t believe on a deeper level your own personal value, you will offer poor service or cut corners in the long run. It’s not easy to maintain value on the surface it goes deep. A lady dealing with multimillion dollar auction products was asked if money changes people, her reply was wealth is energy. Not everyone can handle a certain level of wealth. That then means how we handle people has to be a larger than life mindset. Walk away from petty arguments, those who don’t really want to arrive at a solution but just want to keep you interested only to go and buy elsewhere…mmm.

In any business and in all of life we have to deal with other people. It’s not about what service you provide it’s how you do it. You can be the best housekeeping service for multimillionaires, or you can design poor quality websites.  It’s simply about how you view the value of the people you serve. If you can’t do the service that shows your personal value, hire someone who can outsource. It’s smarter for your reputation in the long run.

Business is a marriage of sorts not fitting for the commitment phobic kind. It will only give you back what you put into it. Invest half heartedly and you get partial results. In my area, a new corner shop is putting others out of business. He has nice music playing, most of the time the environment is nice and friendly, with good lighting. He doesn’t charge anything to use the cash machine.

He opens around 0500 am others used to start at 0900 and guess what they have to now open earlier..annoyed is an understatement. (Mind you his peanut butter is a pound more than the shopping mall, and I love my peanut butter, have to negotiate on that one wink)

Learn the art of listening well FAST. If you solve a problem in a more elegant fashion, you determine the destiny of your service or brand or product offering. Short lived or built to last. Any one can attempt to solve a problem, but how YOU do it, sets you apart.  Yes he or she did this and that, but how would you solve that problem in your unique style according to your personality training and experience? Introvert or extrovert, your natural way of doing things will keep you in the game long after others are tired of trying to be something else. If your mentor is loud and you’re quiet and reserved you’ll think you can’t possibly be successful. All you can do is listen to the advice then package your service YOUR way. The smart way.



2. Understand your clients really well. Demographics. Where do they search the most when they want to buy something? Do they buy on Amazon or the high street? Are they on twitter or google plus?

Where do your highly targeted customers hang out or spend lots of time? Do your clients love reading or talking? If they love reading, they’ll buy your books if they love talking they’ll be on discussion panels or groups or social media 24-7. Yes it happens you can automate too.

Hint.  Do you come across as a natural or you’re the one night stand kind of sales person.  This kind just ask for a sale without knowing anything about the prospect, no relationship whatsoever.  What will they pay for your service or product, how often are they on social media? Just the other day a leader in major News Programs was describing how he lives on twitter. You have a TV Program idea? You will find him there. Yes no names given for obvious  reasons.

3. What’s the demand for your product or service?

It might not be the right time for it. Or you could be the pioneer in your area in your neighbourhood. On my journey in becoming an entrepreneur I wanted some of my ideas to work, but they did not. A few years later I hear someone started the very idea I had in mind and yes I smile honestly. There are many ways to make money one idea is not the only one.

Free tip: Have an exit strategy if all fails or you done working on it and lost passion for that service.

These are 3 simple ways to launch your business.  Get your client and community ready before you even think of selling.

At one stage I did women’s slimming garments as a network marketer. We had a ready market. They were hot until someone else produced cheaper but not of the same quality, garments.  Guess what the majority chose to buy? Fortunately, I was working as a network marketer at the time. That was fun lots of buzz but I had already learnt to be flexible agile and fast to shift gears.

Do you have a business idea but not sure how to get started? What are your pressing concerns about getting started? Have you started and feel overwhelmed with all the work that needs to get done?

Do you struggle to find the right team of people to help you?



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