Why it’s smart to only do work you love. Why else?

I still remember the fear and panic of walking away from something I thought I was only capable of.  The process of transformation is another story. So what do you do, when what you do pays the bills and you don’t seem to find time for what you really love? Goals with committed action will always transform a life.


(Image found via Pinterest)

Cycling around Hyde Park on Sunday is a great experience. It’s like all of London descends into Hyde Park. Of course not. It’s only a handful that come London is bigger than one central place like a Park. The beauty of it, is seeing people taking a real break from their digital devices breathing in fresh air taking walks throwing frisby, watching the Swans in the Lake.

It becomes interesting to make a power decision NOT to settle for the life you stumbled into. That means you now have to take full responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions. That scares a lot of people.

It’s easier to blame the boss, the ex, the children, the government and anyone else we recall.  But there is a smarter way.

Choosing work you love (yes it will mean you have to answer to  you directly and your clients) EMPOWERS you to see yourself like the hero of your own life. The feeling of forging your own path is addictive (hence serial entrepreneurs).  Seeing your efforts materialize is incredible.  This is the Life. You see where your focus is, you find your real energy and zest for life.   Perhaps you do not feel ready, and that’s okay, keep checking in and one day wham!, you find strength to make the leap, perhaps even part time is still a start.


Yes it’s not for everyone, but consider this, why not you? The excitement of going an unknown route. The threat of danger and the overcoming it, is priceless.

Wellness 247 Coaching helps those willing to confront negative self talk and launch into an awesome life.  I know what it’s like having to spread my wings and take a leap of faith.  Now I want to help others find the strength to make the leap. Taking the road less travelled.

Many people die, but few really live.

If you are ready to consider running your own business launching your projects as a solopreneur,  visit my website for more resources to help you on the journey of FULL MASTERY of your awesome life.  I know it may not be all you want right now but this is a journey no one can describe to you like YOU CAN.











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