You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream’ C.S Lewis.

This has to be an encouraging quote or saying for anyone who feels it’s getting too late to do something different or do something different about my life now or the circumstances I am in now because of past mistakes.

Think about it. You cannot really do anything about the mistakes you made before seriously you cannot even if you tried. We see in the movies perhaps, but can you always do that. In Dallas a TV Show back on our screens on Channel 5 in the Uk, we see Ann, Bobby’s wife making an attempt to repair the mistakes of her past. She finds out from her ex husband Harris that her daughter is alive. Imagine the shock because now happily remarried she believes her daughter has died and there is nothing she can do about that.

However the discovery that her daughter Emma is still alive, her mind sets in motion how to rebuild her relationship with her daughter, a part of her that she always felt missing in her life. The journey begins with some near tragedy on the way.

What if there is nothing you can do, and life is just about routine and mundane, boring same old same old? When life is routine you get into some unnecessary trouble, just because you are bored.  A new dream means taking responsibility for how I feel and behave. It definitely means I will not have time to sit around cry and complain about what has gone before, past hurts, past regrets, unfinished business.

A new goal becomes a new lifestyle. I know a client who had a successful business, when he retired he decided to take up bee keeping, speaking engagements and travel. Does it have to be after retirement though?  I remember seeing my kids start leaving home. But before this I had already planned ahead how I will fill my time, what I want to achieve.   I want to become a better writer, travel and do things am passionate about. Sitting around and complaining would be a  luxury for me, where will I get the time. Should I meet someone complaining about their life, it’s like look at the many good things going right for you. Is it a habit, an attitude, a mindset, to focus on what is not going right?

Back to new dreams, new goals, it means then I embrace a whole new me, and that will be frightening, at best. It’s venturing into the unknown. It then also means, letting go of what is comfortable, predictable for something I have no idea how it could turn out. It’s a whole new journey.

Which would you rather have a new exciting beginning or the same old that is making me feel stuck, my day is filled with complaining and watching others doing their thing? Just thinking.

Regardless of what has been before, it is possible and so much so to have a new beginning. There is a great life after heartache, after failure, after loss, after tragedy, after divorce, after bankruptcy, after rejection, after so many horrible things that happen to us. I believe when we immortalize sad events in life, there can be no progress. We are made to live and not be the walking dead, no hope, no expectations, as long as you are alive, you can have a new beginning.

There is only one person that can make a change, that’s me, my responsibility. If  I  have something causing me stress, leave it, reassess and remove what I cannot do, and focus on what I can change, that is always my attitude to what is happening in my world.  I choose to have a good nights sleep instead of worrying what my teenage kids are up  to, because I know I taught them well, and they are responsible for the consequences of their actions.
Every new dream, starts with a new step, I can do this. There are things I cannot change that are not my responsibility, so I can do and pursue this new goal and new dream.  The Christian has this great comfort in knowing I am not doing life alone, am forgiven, I have peace in my heart, that even things I do not know I can relax that when I need to know God will show me.


To grow as a person, to really grow up is not biological age, its the wisdom from God through the study of His word and prayer, that we apply to our every day life.  The bible tells me to cast my cares on Him who cares for me. I do my part, work hard, keep an attitude of gratitude, see the good in every day, look for the best in others, and REST, not only physically but emotionally, live in the moment, be ALL THERE, and enjoy the life God has given and blessed me with.



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