As your days so shall your strength be.  An echo through the ages from the precious words written in the Bible. You and me were created with purpose with destiny. What do you find yourself passionate about. What could you do if you had the time and resources to make a difference?

Fear has gripped many communities, many individuals to be something they are not, just to belong. And when the need to belong overtakes an individual, any group will do, any identity will be fine.

Have to repeat something the late Steve Jobs said:’Do not let the noise of other people’s opinion drown out your own inner voice’

Another  highly respected author and consultant Mr Micheal Hyatt, is one of the best teachers and leaders on building your own platform finding your own voice, that  I discovered.

Though this applies to writing and creating your own brand, you will see how well it applies. Go here for more

1. What are you really passionate about? You already got it in you to do what needs to be done. Positive.

2. Build your life around what keeps you up at night, something you could do even if nobody paid you

3. Look out for those who share your passion,  build your network, you need a support base that’s resilient when it gets tough.

4. Am throwing in this one: can you identify others who are passionate about this, could you do it differently, could you organise events around it, can you rally others to get involved?

5. Write about it, Talk about it, set up  a blog a website a community around it, there are lots of resources to get going, will share more on here.

6. Is there a cause that you can raise awareness about, maybe those doing it are in it only for the money, perhaps you could bring authentic passion to it.

It only takes one person to make a difference in the lives of others. Perhaps you can be the voice of the voiceless?  Whatever you do, you are not alone.

To become all you were created to be, may often  clearing out the cache so to say in the computer of your mind.  Taking on a new way of thinking of who you really are, your essence, your real value. For without that inner confidence, it will be a fair challenge to withstand those who oppose what you stand for.

Is your subconscious replaying what others have said about you and your future? Throw away that DVD and the player. Delete the wallpaper too.

Remember this It’s not what others say or have said, (including family, and loved ones, especially negative limiting remarks and attitudes toward you) its your self talk that will change everything about your life, making you a game changer, breaking every rule in the book of limitation and the unwritten gag order to keep you silent.

I read in the bible that He who is forgiven is TOTALLY FREE…That right there changes everything.


I do not own the words to this song, I will share some here with you, the song is Born for This. Inspired by the story of Queen Esther, who stood up in the face of mortal danger, she would have been killed in a moment, and though we may not be martyrs, standing for something kills some friendships, and much more.

Sometimes you gotta go UNINVITED

Sometimes you gotta speak when you don’t have the floor,

Sometimes you gotta move when everybody else says u should stay.

No way not today

This site is inspired by the story of Queen Esther too,  and the many heroes who stood for something. Someone once said

‘If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything’

Here’s the video with the lyrics, enjoy and share.


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